Its amazing position in the hearth of the historical centre of Rapallo, makes Giramondo the best solution for whom is looking for an easy access to all the main local attractions. Casted between the blue sea of the Tigullio Gulf and the green mountains, Rapallo will suit your needs for whatever has to do with sea, local culture, hiking and nature.

Torre Doria - San Fruttuoso
The wathctower

The promenade is just 50m from Giramondo. From there you can see the old fort ("il Castello di Rapallo") that have been silently controlling the Gulf for almost 5 centuries. All along the sea shore there are many sea resorts where is possible to rent desk-chairs and beach-umbrellas. Walking forward in the direction of Santa Margherita Ligure you can get to the bay of San Michele di Pagana. This is a real jewel where the colourful houses (once inhabited by the fishermen) overlook the sea. If you are walking by and its hot, don't loose the chance to have a swim and refresh yourself. For the clearest water here, follow the seafront cliff that leads from the beach of Trelo to Prelo. Between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino you will find many more chances to enjoy a refreshing swim or to enlighten your eyes with beauty. Here you can see luxurious villas and mansions that have been built between the 19th and the 20th century to accommodate famous personalities. Still today is not unusual to meet some well known character while walking on the flat promenade that takes to Portofino. Once that you get to the famous Piazzetta di Portofino, you can feel like a VIP. Walk around the village and do not forget that although famous for its recent eliterian vocation, it still holds a millenary history. So much like the nearby villages, Portofino lived for centuries of its farmland terraces and the sea from which fishermen and little ships left in search of a better fortune. Similarly to other touristic attractions prices will be higher compared with the nearby villages. Be ready to pay for a coffee or an ice cream at least twice of what you will normally pay around.

Veduta di San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte (Camogli)
View of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte (Camogli)

Portofino Mountain and the Natural Park of Portofino are one of the great wealth of this area. The Mountain offers a variety of hiking paths within the nature. The Natural Park of Portofino has been managed since 1935 by the Ente Parco di Portofino. This allowed for the safeguard of the rich biodiversity and the natural area from an excessive urbanisation. The Abbey San Fruttuoso defenitly stands among the top destinations. You can reach eat either by walking through the hiking paths or by boat. It is well worth facing the effort and the sweat to get here but be aware that you will need good hiking shoes, hat and lots of water especially if you are going on summertime. 

Just on the back of Rapallo, Nostra Signora di Montallegro sanctuary has been protecting the city from various dangers. With the cable car (the first cable car built on the shores of Liguria) you can easily reach the peak. Alternatively there are a few hiking paths through the greewood that will take you right at the same place. 

The appearance of Our Ladyto Giovanni Chichizola - Santuario di Montallegro

Obviously, do not forget to try the delicious traditional Ligurian dishes. The white art of Ligurian bread making releases the unmistakable fragrance of the tasty focaccia (plain/classic - "classica" , with onions "con le cipolle" or with cheese "al formaggio"), farinata (crunchy chickpea flower flatbread) and many more delicaties that you will find in the local bakeries. The internationally most famous dish from the Ligurian tradition is "pesto". Its recipe gets strictly followed by the local restaurants, with the exception of the use of the mortar, nowedays substituted by the mixer. If you have never heard about them or you just forgot their taste (probably its impossible to) you have to try the "pansoti in salsa di noci". They are a traditional dumpling-type pasta filled with spinach and ricotta and covered with a creamy walnuts sauce. An absolute must try if you are in Rapallo or passing through the region. With this strong craving for pansoti I now leave you to explore this magical places, rich of nature, history and many secrets to discover. I wish you the best stay in Rapallo and at Giramondo! Welcome.

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